Easy Way to Commence a Apparel Business?

Do you ever make the note while walking by the street and coming across a beautiful store on your way or just casually glanced through an attractive new banner and think of yourself to be an entrepreneur someday and you should be proudly owning a brand of yourself and being your own boss? Yes, it’s an evident desire for every fashion enthusiast who wants this small thought to be huge success one day.

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Coming to the business point and talking about the apparel industry, it will give a strong confidence boost only to the ones who are truly passionate about fashion and want to turn your ambition to reality just like the other famous designers who sternly inspire you.

Below are the quick guidelines to follow that will help to give a proper shape to your initial thought to start your own apparel business.

THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE: First of all, it is necessary to have the unique creative drive and have an intense research and learning about the industry. Refer to any of your close connection who knows the industry better, ask questions, take down notes and get yourself updated precisely with the industry knowledge.

THE QUESTIONAIRE:Question yourself, what kind of clothing you will be targeting? For example, Women’s Indian ethnic clothing such as party wear sarees, casual or formals. Who is your target audience? Is it for kids, men’s or women’s clothing? What will be the age groups? What is the target region? Will it be a retail store or online operated fashion e-commerce, for example myntra, samyakk, limeroad etc? Asking questions to yourself clear your track to solve the issues easily and move on with your ideas smoothly.

THE BUSINESS STRATEGY:Make a precise layout of the business plan such as the approximation of startup cost i.e. how much will be the primary investment? How are you going to arrange the amount? Will it be bank loan, loaning from your friend or relative or putting up your own money? Will you be handling the business alone or it will be a partnership? Make sure you recover the amount after the sale of product to be the exact figure of the primary invested amount or more during the initial stage of business. Don’t focus on profit at the commencement.

THE RECOGNITION: To give a good exposure and recognition, you should create a logo design that will give an instant focus to your brand along with honest investment in advertising and marketing which is an essential part of a business.

THE PERFECT LOCATION: Give yourself a good amount of time in deciding on the location of your retail business. Go through the questions like, how much will be the store area? Is it the right place to target your audience? Can you afford the space in terms of balancing it with the rent cost and expected business profit?

THE OPERATION PLAN:The operation of a retail store or business is not a usual job. You have to be there for your customers round the clock. Decide on your store hours, plans about customer care support, pricing of the product, return policies, payment gateways, and delivery mode.

THE EXPOSURE:To make your business grow it is essential to take time from your schedule and attend the events such as business exhibitions, trade shows, and fashion shows. This kind of events helps in the exposure to your brand name, beneficial in getting advice related to finance, networking and solving various other aspects of your business. To stay updated with the trends it is advisable to read the fashion magazines and trade publications.

When you have the right combination of talent and skills nothing is going to come on your way towards being the proud proprietor of your own apparel brand.

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What to look for in a Bandhani Saree?


The prestigious Indian tie-dye art of Bandhani has given an altogether different dimension to fabric dying. It is evident that this art form has won not only the Indian heart but has flourished its identity across the globe. This precious Indian handicraft has given the territory of origin its pride and dignity appealingly and has become the most demanded art form. When women are adorning the bandhani sarees in their wardrobe, it is looked forward as a treasury for them. This tie-dye embellishment has radiated its mystical mist in an ideal manner.


When you are all geared up to hunt for your favorite yard of bandhani, here I will pump you up with the knowledge towards the various varieties of Bandhani sarees available in different fabrics and motifs.


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It is apparent that bandhani sarees have their origination from the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. But there are some other parts of India also who manufacture the Bandhani work.

  • The North Bandhani: The northern state of Punjab and the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh also produce the Bandhani art form. The design patterns from these places can be noticed prominently as they will be bigger and thicker. The methods of tying are very different and they use pebbles, coins, and kidney beans to make the patterns.


  • The Sindhi Bandhani: The region of Sindh, now known to be in Pakistan, develops the rough variety of Bandhani which is also very popular. The variety was recognized by the Khatri communities who were from Kutch, Gujarat and migrated to Karachi, Pakistan. Thus, Kutch’s block printing technique is associated culturally with the Sindhi Bandhani.


  • The Sungudi Bandhani: Another deviation of this art makes its way towards South India. The regions of Madurai and Chinnalapatti hold the Bandhani variety called Sungudi. This variety was brought up by the Sourashtrian Gujaratis centuries ago. This kind of bandhani also incorporates the typical motif of “Dots” dyed on the cotton fabrics. These are some of the interesting designs you can look out while glancing through the Bandhani saree.


  • The Borjaal Bandhani: More variations of Bandhani designs to be checked out such as the Borjaal pattern which contains fuller and intricate designs like a spider web. This kind of motif is very popular among the Marwari community. It contains vibrant play of colors and dots creating the beautiful criss-cross pattern. This tie-dyeing design is done on georgette fabrics.


  • The Jhankaar Bandhani: The Jhankaar Bandhani is another variation of intricate and colorful designs. This style can be identified as they don’t have the white colored dots that are present in other styles of Bandhani. For instance, a red colored bandhani saree will have yellow or green dots.


  • The Color Discharge Bandhani: The color discharge technique of bandhani is one more design style in which the base is darker and the patterns are of lighter shades. This is the reverse version of the usual tie-dye technique where the darker colors are used on lighter base.


  • The Gaji Silk Bandhani: This kind of Bandhani saree is closely related to wedding attires. The silk fabric is fortified with cotton and poly fibers as the silk alone lacks the tensile strength to go through the tie-dye process. The Gaji silk is a poly-silk blend and has a thicker, smooth and lustrous feel. The traditional Ghagra Choli and wedding lehenga choli is also crafted in this silk. Bandhani sarees can be looked out in georgettes, cotton, art-silks, silk-cotton blends, and viscose.

With the above, information about the beautiful variations of bandhej saree, I hope you will pick out your favorite yard precisely and carry this regal drape gracefully for your special occasion.

How to rock salwar kameez to look your best?


The attention grabbing and wide acceptance towards the outfit of salwar kameez has made a sovereign ruling and has laid its existence tremendously among the women’s fashion choice for every occasion and not just limited to ceremonial events. It has become one of a kind and influential attire which is not only limited to the older age group of women but also extensively incorporated and accepted by the younger generations too. This regular silhouette of salwar suit can be made more interesting and contemporary if we try to primp it up creatively and make this comfort wear little more trendy and modish.

Take a note with the below points on to the perfect wearing and transforming the regular salwar kameez into a sheen style statement.


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  • The most important aspect to be taken into consideration is the flawless cut and fit of the garment. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight but perfect to the body measurements. When you go branded, the sizes differ considerably, thus make sure you try the outfit first before buying and not just blindly make a purchase while going into the flow with its attractive design and features.


  • Another important aspect to be noticed is choosing the right silhouette for your body type. One of the flexible silhouettes cut of A-line flatters any body type and provides a balancing figure. If you have a bulky upper body you can opt for the styles of angarkha and V-necks styles. The women with slender shape can carry off the anarkali styles beautifully. To achieve a slimmer frame, try out the color blocking patterns and free flowing fabrics in straight cuts also avoid fabrics with any stiffness to it such as organza. The women with broad shoulders should avoid puff sleeves and with bulky arms, say no to sleeveless rather go for half or full sleeves.


  • While glancing through the color shades, any skin tone can carry from the sequel of the lightest to the darker tones but it depends upon your attitude to boldly pull it off. As per the opinion based hues suggestion, the fair and slender features should go for the pastels such as peach, mints, pink, aqua, and lilac. The skin tones going the darker sequel and healthier qualities can opt for deeper shades such as maroon, black, crimson and midnight blues to give a slimmer frame to your look.


  • The embellishment of prints too plays an important part when it comes to styling. Choose from the vertical and smaller prints if you have a bulky body type which gives the illusion of a slimmer and taller figure. If you have a slimmer and taller frame…you can pull out the horizontal patterns and little bigger prints. Keep these rules in mind while you are making a purchase.


  • For the day occasions go for a skin friendly and minimal embellished salwar suits and for the late evening epoch go for a rich fabric like silks and more heavy embellishments. Play creative while pairing your kurta with apart from the usual churidar or Patiala bottoms…Rather go for the voluminous skirt, palazzos, straight cut brocade pants or dhoti salwar. Team the kameez with a well-fitted and ornate jacket patterns in short or long.  Also, check out the capes in various styles available along with the kameez and get yourself free of the dupatta.


  • At last, the final touch up to your look goes to the perfect jewelry and accessory styling. If the salwar pattern has a closed or high neck, enhance your look further with the oversized earrings. Apart from that, with the deep or open necks, you can fill in with the delicate chokers and drop style earrings. Be careful while you are loading yourself with jewelry. If your outfit is too heavy go easy on your jewels. Remember you should balance your overall look. For the day out you can carry a sleek shoulder or sling purse along with flats, block heels or wedges and for the evening the clutches are all yours along with stilettos, pumps or platforms will be just perfect.


With the above fashion guidelines, hope you will be pulling out just right the ravishing designer salwar suits for the occasion. Stay on the lookout for various brands introducing exclusive and contemporary designs such as the brand “Diya” that holds an appealing specialty in their clothing.

How to stylize men’s wardrobe on this Memorial Day?

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The long stretch of the winters has passed away, the blooming fall of spring is on and the warm summer rays are soothing the soul. Soon the most awaited weekend of the Memorial Day is going to arrive as you pass through all the ceremonies and splurge the holidays of the summer weekend with your family & friends. Here I will share with you few men’s fashion ideas about dressing up well on this weekend mode.

  • Suit it smart – Formal Occasion

For the formal meets try out suits with perfect body fit and experiment with the color schemes of conservative teal blues, tones of beige, inky blues, wine & deep crimson. Prints to be considered this season for men’s suits are the paisleys and plaids. Tuxedo suits color palettes such as cobalt blue, charcoal & light gray, sandstone beige, granite gray, white & Ivory. Accessorize with a smart watch and plain shirt contrast neck tie.

  • Casually stylish – Day Out

For the afternoon day outs or barbeque noon’s pick the skin friendly light hued linen half sleeve shirt pairing it with a boldly plaid printed cotton shorts and sporty sneakers or loafers. Accessorize with simple shell neckpiece and bold shades.

  • Dusk dressing – Early evening

For the early evening pool party alongside the drinks pimp up your look with a casual striped polo shirt with contrast bold trunks. Accessorize with smart espadrilles and classic shades.

  • Night classics – Evening eternity

Put on the camp collar shirt in a bold print along with navy blue chinos, denim jacket teaming it with sneakers else go ethnic with printed jodhpuri suit co ordinate with plain trouser to bring in a one of a kind contemporary style. Accessorize with contrast well placed pocket square and brogue shoes.