How to rock salwar kameez to look your best?


The attention grabbing and wide acceptance towards the outfit of salwar kameez has made a sovereign ruling and has laid its existence tremendously among the women’s fashion choice for every occasion and not just limited to ceremonial events. It has become one of a kind and influential attire which is not only limited to the older age group of women but also extensively incorporated and accepted by the younger generations too. This regular silhouette of salwar suit can be made more interesting and contemporary if we try to primp it up creatively and make this comfort wear little more trendy and modish.

Take a note with the below points on to the perfect wearing and transforming the regular salwar kameez into a sheen style statement.


Have a look!!!

  • The most important aspect to be taken into consideration is the flawless cut and fit of the garment. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight but perfect to the body measurements. When you go branded, the sizes differ considerably, thus make sure you try the outfit first before buying and not just blindly make a purchase while going into the flow with its attractive design and features.


  • Another important aspect to be noticed is choosing the right silhouette for your body type. One of the flexible silhouettes cut of A-line flatters any body type and provides a balancing figure. If you have a bulky upper body you can opt for the styles of angarkha and V-necks styles. The women with slender shape can carry off the anarkali styles beautifully. To achieve a slimmer frame, try out the color blocking patterns and free flowing fabrics in straight cuts also avoid fabrics with any stiffness to it such as organza. The women with broad shoulders should avoid puff sleeves and with bulky arms, say no to sleeveless rather go for half or full sleeves.


  • While glancing through the color shades, any skin tone can carry from the sequel of the lightest to the darker tones but it depends upon your attitude to boldly pull it off. As per the opinion based hues suggestion, the fair and slender features should go for the pastels such as peach, mints, pink, aqua, and lilac. The skin tones going the darker sequel and healthier qualities can opt for deeper shades such as maroon, black, crimson and midnight blues to give a slimmer frame to your look.


  • The embellishment of prints too plays an important part when it comes to styling. Choose from the vertical and smaller prints if you have a bulky body type which gives the illusion of a slimmer and taller figure. If you have a slimmer and taller frame…you can pull out the horizontal patterns and little bigger prints. Keep these rules in mind while you are making a purchase.


  • For the day occasions go for a skin friendly and minimal embellished salwar suits and for the late evening epoch go for a rich fabric like silks and more heavy embellishments. Play creative while pairing your kurta with apart from the usual churidar or Patiala bottoms…Rather go for the voluminous skirt, palazzos, straight cut brocade pants or dhoti salwar. Team the kameez with a well-fitted and ornate jacket patterns in short or long.  Also, check out the capes in various styles available along with the kameez and get yourself free of the dupatta.


  • At last, the final touch up to your look goes to the perfect jewelry and accessory styling. If the salwar pattern has a closed or high neck, enhance your look further with the oversized earrings. Apart from that, with the deep or open necks, you can fill in with the delicate chokers and drop style earrings. Be careful while you are loading yourself with jewelry. If your outfit is too heavy go easy on your jewels. Remember you should balance your overall look. For the day out you can carry a sleek shoulder or sling purse along with flats, block heels or wedges and for the evening the clutches are all yours along with stilettos, pumps or platforms will be just perfect.


With the above fashion guidelines, hope you will be pulling out just right the ravishing designer salwar suits for the occasion. Stay on the lookout for various brands introducing exclusive and contemporary designs such as the brand “Diya” that holds an appealing specialty in their clothing.


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